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Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 16:48:13 +1100
From: Anthony Baxter <>
Subject: Re: Why Python? Vs. Perl ?
To: Tom Christiansen <>
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[dropped comp.lang.python, it's no longer even remotely related]

>>> Tom Christiansen wrote
> > [contexts converting data magically]
> Tell me about it. I bitch about this daily. There's no backwards
> compatible way to fix it.

What about a 'use typesafety' which is deliberately incompatible?
'use strict' is a good example of this already.

> >I'm looking after a reasonably well structured slab of perl, it's about
> >15K lines, broken into nice OO modules, 'use strict ; use English ;' for
> >all of them, and it's right on the edge of unmaintainability because of
> >the complex data structures it's using.
> Is it the context problem?

The context problem is one of the most severe problems we face. All
through the code are littered debugging statements and assertions to
check that things haven't been transmogrified into something unexpected
by a code change. Unfortunately this slows it down an enormous
amount. If the code was static, we could delete these - but as it
implements the customer billing strategy, it's constantly changing. :-/


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