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Hi everyone,

If you’re running OpenStack, please participate in the User Survey
<> to share more about the technology
you are using and provide feedback for the community by *August 21 - hurry,
it’s next week!!* By completing a deployment, you will qualify as an AUC
and receive a $300 USD ticket to the two upcoming Summits.

Please help us spread the word. a we're trying to gather as much real-world
deployment data as possible to share back with both the operator and
developer communities.

We are only conducting one survey this year, and the report will be
published at the Berlin Summit
<>. II you would like
OpenStack user data in the meantime, check out the analytics dashboard
<> updates in real time, throughout the

The information provided is confidential and will only be presented in
aggregate unless you consent to make it public.

The deadline to complete the survey and be part of the next report is
next *Tuesday,
August 21** at 23:59 UTC.*

- You can login and complete the OpenStack User Survey here:
- If you’re interested in joining the OpenStack User Survey Working
Group to help with the survey analysis, please complete this form:

- Help us promote the User Survey:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Amy Marrich (spotz)
OpenStack User Committee