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Re: [Openstack-academia] Configuring for Research and Production
On Jul 30, 2012, at 10:01 AM, Jonathan Proulx <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm rolling out OpenStack at MIT Computer Science and Artificial
> Intelligence Lab and I'm wondering how others have balanced supporting
> "normal" use of OpenStack's cloud platform for getting work done -vs-
> doing research on the platform itself?
> For example most of my users want a stable platform but some are
> interested in testing performance and stability of experimental
> pieces. Do people typically set this up as separate production and
> experimental clouds or use availability zones (or something else).
> Particularly on the research side I'm interested in provisioning a
> variety of storage backends (particularly for the volume server but
> possibly for instance storage as well). It' s unclear to me how or if
> I can configure multiple volume storage zones which would be my
> preferred implantation so volumes from different backends could be
> attached to the same instance and tested under the same conditions.
> Thanks,
> -Jon

Cross-posting this to the openstack-operators list, may get some additional insights there.

Take care,

Lorin Hochstein
Lead Architect - Cloud Services
Nimbis Services, Inc.