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OpenStack Community Newsletter – April 27, 2012
*OpenStack Community Newsletter – April 27, 2012

Welcome back to our regular publishing schedule. This week we still hear
the echo of the Design Summit and Conference.


* If you participated to the summit or conference, remember to take
the survey
* Notes, reports, post-mortem, comments from participants to last
week’s events:

Upcoming Events

OpenStack Korea Community Meet-up
<> May 02, 2012 – Seoul, Korea
Details <>
OpenStack IU and FutureGrid Users Group
May 04, 2012 – Indiana University Details
* OpenStack Israel 2012
<> May 30, 2012 – Tel
Aviv-Yafo, Israel Details
* Open Cloud and Public Administration
<> Jun 19, 2012 – Bern,
Switzerland Call for papers <>
* FISL 2013 Jul 25-28 – Porto Alegre, Brazil

*Other news*

* Development of OpenStack Folsom has started
* Translating docs and manuals is increasing in priority; the team
needs help defining the process and choose tools
* Going to FISL 13 in Porto Alegre? Help present OpenStack there
* OpenStack Wiki Recent Changes –
* Project meeting

*Community Statistics*

This week’s chart shows the geographical dispersion of participants to
Folsom series of events in San Francisco. The information is derived
from the work address provided by participants when they registered.
Participants from USA were the large majority, around 70% of the over
1,000 participants, nonetheless it’s interesting to look at the
distribution once the outlier is removed.


Participants to Folsom Design Summit and Conference, per nation
(excluding USA)

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