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I have submitted a change that adds HACKING.rst, ala glance and nova, in the interest of promoting a coding style that is consistent with the other core projects.,6395

Please participate in the review, if only to +1 it! Suggestions are, of course, welcome. The guidelines will ideally be used to evaluate code submissions under review, and therefore all quantum developers will be subject to them.

As you may have seen on the main OS mailing list, nova and glance do have some differences of opinion:

- nova, unlike glance, requires that only modules be imported, and that only one module be imported per line
- glance specifies slightly different docstring contentions

The version I've submitted is from nova with the module import rules stripped out (since the codebase doesn't currently conform to them). I personally like nova's 'only import modules' rule, since it ensures that circular imports don't creep in unintentionally, but I would like to see consensus that quantum developers are willing to pay the price of increased code verbosity. Given the difference of opinion that exists between glance and nova, there is clearly room for debate on the issue.


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