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Question on hostname generation?
Hi all,

I was wondering about the following case (and am not sure if its been addressed in folsom).

At yahoo, instead of the default hostname that seems to be automatically established (ie 'server-XYZ.novalocal' was in essex) we were wondering if there is anything in folsom that say lets us override that generation with either a module (or a subclass) or a new function without having to patch nova code. Sometimes we want a default hostname of a different format (as probably do others) and I just am not sure if quantum is directing this default hostname, or if nova still is, or if its some mix of both (the metadata + cloud-init can affect the hostname as well, so perhaps the configdrive work should be the only one establish a 'real' hostname?).

I have found the following pieces of hostname related code but am not sure if this is all the places that make hostnames :-)


Is this the only place nowadays?? Is there something in quantum also?

Thx much, just trying to track this down.