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os-create-server-ext and use

While going through the source code of Openstack Nova,

I have seen this comment,

We support two approaches to determining vNICs:
- By default, a VM gets a vNIC for any network belonging
to the VM's project, and a vNIC for any "global" network
that has a NULL project_id. vNIC order is determined
by the network's 'priority' field.
- *If the 'os-create-server-ext' was used to create the VM,
only the networks in 'requested_networks' are used to
create vNICs, and the vNIC order is determiend by the
order in the requested_networks array.*

Can any one help me understand on how the second case will come in
determining the vNICs of VM while creating VM from Horizon.

Thanking you...

Trinath Somanchi,
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