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Work in progress on Openstack provider for Juju
FYI below for those interested in Juju [1]. TL;DR There is work in
progress to add an OpenStack API provider to complement our existing set
of EC2 and LXC (local dev) providers.



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Subject: Work in progress on Openstack provider
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 15:57:21 +0100
From: Martin Packman <>
To: juju <>

A couple of months ago to help myself better understand what juju
needed from a cloud api, I hacked together most of an Openstack
provider for juju. There's now interest in getting such a thing
merged, so I'm currently looking at filling in the gaps and doing a
tidy up.

For the curious, you can branch the code and have a poke around:


This is not production quality code, so I would not recommend testing
it against real Openstack deployments yet unless you're comfortable
cleaning up manually when it breaks. That said, any comments and
suggestions are welcome.


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