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OpenStack Community Newsletter – May 4, 2012
*OpenStack Community Newsletter – May 4, 2012


* If you participated to the summit or conference, remember to take
the survey
* Most of the videos and slides from April’s conference are on and
* Comment on the first draft of OpenStack Foundation’s bylaws
o The mailing list message is on
* New layout for Swift code
* Debian to include cloud software with Wheezy
* European cloud project plots OpenStack
* University of Melbourne fires up kit for OpenStack
* Piston Cloud Integrates Cloud Foundry PaaS with OpenStack

Upcoming Events

OpenStack IU and FutureGrid Users Group
May 04, 2012 – Indiana University Details
* OpenStack Israel 2012
<> May 30, 2012 – Tel
Aviv-Yafo, Israel Details
* OpenStack in action 2! – Production ready
<> May 31,
2012 – Paris, France Details
* Open Cloud and Public Administration
<> Jun 19, 2012 – Bern,
Switzerland Call for papers <>
* FISL 2013 Jul 25-28 – Porto Alegre, Brazil

*Other news*

* Reorganising the project’s mailing lists, more thoughts
* Tempest is a step closer to be integrated with Jenkins
* Going to FISL 13 in Porto Alegre? Help present OpenStack there
* OpenStack Wiki Recent Changes –
* Project meeting summary

*Community Statistics*

This week’s chart shows the source of visits to from February 1st to May 1st


Location of Visits to OpenStack Forums from Feb 1st to May 1st 2012

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