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Heat API v2 released!

Heat is a AWS CloudForm API implementation for OpenStack. The purpose
of the software is to orchestrate resources (including virtual machines,
networks, storage) into a running cloud application. The software
converts an AWS template into native OpenStack API calls and provides a
REST API to access the template (called a stack). Our development
community has been busy over the last 3 weeks working on our second
release. New in this release is:

+ composite instance support
+ floating IP support
+ security group support
+ volume support
+ improved keystone authentication
+ sqlalchemy database support
+ amqp engine support
+ describe API implementation
+ events_list API implementation
+ improved delete API implementation
+ better JEOS security
+ cfn tools implementation
+ Improved template library examples

We have also started working on a roadmap. If your interested in seeing
our roadmap work, check out:

To get started with the code check out:

And download the tag from here:

If you want to contribute to the software or are having trouble getting
started, join us on #heat on freenode irc or our mailing list at


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