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OpenStack Design Summit Website Launched
OpenStack Enthusiasts:

Two weeks ago, the OpenStack community gathered in San Antonio, TX for our first public Design Summit event sponsored by Rackspace. Over 250 attendees from 90 companies and 12 countries spent 4 days planning for the next two product releases as well as providing business development executives a chance to network and collaborate on the OpenStack ecosystem. To ensure that all community members who could not attend are given the opportunity to learn from this event, we have created a new website with all the speakers slides and videos from the General Sessions and Business Track as well as links to the Technical Track overview discussions which were recorded on Etherpad. You can access this site at

Also, as the OpenStack community continues to grow, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet a community member at an event near you. To better inform you of upcoming events, we have created a new events page listing events with OpenStack speakers as well as previous events with slides from those presentations:

Finally, a 1 minute overview video of the OpenStack Design Summit was created and is available for your viewing at

If you have any questions about OpenStack or wish to become an active contributor please feel free to contact me or visit to learn more. Thank you.

Stephen Spector| Community Manager, OpenStack; Office Phone +1 512.539.1162
@opnstk_com_mgr - OpenStack Blog

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