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Building for Kerberos on OpenBSD openssh (non portable) seems to be broken.
It seems it is currently not possible to compile openssh (nonportable)
with Kerberos support on openbsd (6.4).

Partly include files are missing, partly the Makefile needs to be
changed to find the relevant includes and libs.

Also, with current openbsd heimdal, the AFS support isn't available, so
I borrowed the USE_AFS mechanism from the portable version (seesion.c).

The patch is rather trivial and doesn't touch anything if the Makefile
has KERBEROS5 set to "no". If set to yes, it allows to build, which
probably nobody have tried in a long time on a recent plain install of

I would file this as a bug in bugzilla too, but it appears the bugzilla
is for the portable version, so I didn't.