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OpenSSH on OpenStep 4.2 -- Mostly working!!! =)
I have an initial port of the SSH client. Only one known issue with it.
sigaddset(), sigempty(), and sigprocmask() don't exist on NeXT without
using libposix which I'm now avoiding (thanks, Garance A Drosehn) like
the plague because it conflicts too much. Only thing this affects is
the readpass.c file at this point. Which means if you ctrl-C out of
the password prompt you mess up your current tty.

I have simple [v]snprint() that work like a charm, along with a putenv()
(since NeXT lacks even a setenv()) thanks to Garance.

Plus a full set of replacement for tc[get|set]attr functions since NeXT
lack them also (thanks to <sigh>

But I can ssh into a sshd (commerical version) 1.2.x server and it works
likes a charm.

Hopefully I can clean up what I'm doing and put in checks into the
Configure software and get a patch out soon so one can at least have
a client for NeXT.