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[Bug 3073] New: Cannot override hostname inside Match after hostname canonicalization

Bug ID: 3073
Summary: Cannot override hostname inside Match after hostname
Product: Portable OpenSSH
Version: 8.0p1
Hardware: amd64
OS: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: minor
Priority: P5
Component: ssh

Created attachment 3330

(I marked it as a bug instead of an enhancement because I found nothing
in the man page that suggested I couldn't do this. It also probably
applies to all hardware and OSes)

Where I work, we tend to only access our stuff from our own
workstation, as an additional layer of security. Also, I don't want to
type a full FQDN everytime I want to use ssh.

In order to connect to work machines I usually ssh-ed into my
workstation, then to the machine that I wanted.
Eventually I got tired of the repetition, wanted to automate it and
came up with the attached configuration.

However, the HostName option is not applied and it tries to connect to
the canonicalized hostname (checked with -v flag).
If I replace "Match final ..." with "Host *" it works because
canonicalization no longer occurs (checked with -v flag).

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