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[Bug 1953] Implementation of xattr in sftp-server for sshfs

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--- Comment #2 from Christoph Anton Mitterer <> ---
Hi Daimen.

I think we recently had a small talk in some other enhancement I've
requested (interactiveness of scp), where you said scp can't easily
enhanced... but such things should be doable with sftp.

May I therefore draw your attention on this again?

I think XATTR/ACL support is really really important and would be great
to see in OpenSSH.
Actually the only feature I recall right now, that I'd anticipate even
more is #1926.

Especially sshfs would benefit greatly from ACL/XATTR support in

I know people often turn down ACLs/XATTRs because they consider them
not widely used/supported... but that attitude is mainly the reason why
this doesn't change.

So hopefully this will accepted in ssh :-)


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