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Announce: OpenSSH 7.7 released
OpenSSH 7.7 has just been released. It will be available from the
mirrors listed at shortly.

OpenSSH is a 100% complete SSH protocol 2.0 implementation and
includes sftp client and server support.

Once again, we would like to thank the OpenSSH community for their
continued support of the project, especially those who contributed
code or patches, reported bugs, tested snapshots or donated to the
project. More information on donations may be found at:

Potentially-incompatible changes

This release includes a number of changes that may affect existing

* ssh(1)/sshd(8): Drop compatibility support for some very old SSH
implementations, including <=2.* and OpenSSH <= 3.*. These
versions were all released in or before 2001 and predate the final
SSH RFCs. The support in question isn't necessary for RFC-compliant
SSH implementations.

Changes since OpenSSH 7.6

This is primarily a bugfix release.

New Features

* All: Add experimental support for PQC XMSS keys (Extended Hash-
Based Signatures) based on the algorithm described in
The XMSS signature code is experimental and not compiled in by

* sshd(8): Add a "rdomain" criteria for the sshd_config Match keyword
to allow conditional configuration that depends on which routing
domain a connection was received on (currently supported on OpenBSD
and Linux).

* sshd_config(5): Add an optional rdomain qualifier to the
ListenAddress directive to allow listening on different routing
domains. This is supported only on OpenBSD and Linux at present.

* sshd_config(5): Add RDomain directive to allow the authenticated
session to be placed in an explicit routing domain. This is only
supported on OpenBSD at present.

* sshd(8): Add "expiry-time" option for authorized_keys files to
allow for expiring keys.

* ssh(1): Add a BindInterface option to allow binding the outgoing
connection to an interface's address (basically a more usable

* ssh(1): Expose device allocated for tun/tap forwarding via a new
%T expansion for LocalCommand. This allows LocalCommand to be used
to prepare the interface.

* sshd(8): Expose the device allocated for tun/tap forwarding via a
new SSH_TUNNEL environment variable. This allows automatic setup of
the interface and surrounding network configuration automatically on
the server.

* ssh(1)/scp(1)/sftp(1): Add URI support to ssh, sftp and scp, e.g.
ssh://user@host or sftp://user@host/path. Additional connection
parameters described in draft-ietf-secsh-scp-sftp-ssh-uri-04 are not
implemented since the ssh fingerprint format in the draft uses the
deprecated MD5 hash with no way to specify the any other algorithm.

* ssh-keygen(1): Allow certificate validity intervals that specify
only a start or stop time (instead of both or neither).

* sftp(1): Allow "cd" and "lcd" commands with no explicit path
argument. lcd will change to the local user's home directory as
usual. cd will change to the starting directory for session (because
the protocol offers no way to obtain the remote user's home
directory). bz#2760

* sshd(8): When doing a config test with sshd -T, only require the
attributes that are actually used in Match criteria rather than (an
incomplete list of) all criteria.


* ssh(1)/sshd(8): More strictly check signature types during key
exchange against what was negotiated. Prevents downgrade of RSA
signatures made with SHA-256/512 to SHA-1.

* sshd(8): Fix support for client that advertise a protocol version
of "1.99" (indicating that they are prepared to accept both SSHv1 and
SSHv2). This was broken in OpenSSH 7.6 during the removal of SSHv1
support. bz#2810

* ssh(1): Warn when the agent returns a ssh-rsa (SHA1) signature when
a rsa-sha2-256/512 signature was requested. This condition is possible
when an old or non-OpenSSH agent is in use. bz#2799

* ssh-agent(1): Fix regression introduced in 7.6 that caused ssh-agent
to fatally exit if presented an invalid signature request message.

* sshd_config(5): Accept yes/no flag options case-insensitively, as
has been the case in ssh_config(5) for a long time. bz#2664

* ssh(1): Improve error reporting for failures during connection.
Under some circumstances misleading errors were being shown. bz#2814

* ssh-keyscan(1): Add -D option to allow printing of results directly
in SSHFP format. bz#2821

* regress tests: fix PuTTY interop test broken in last release's SSHv1
removal. bz#2823

* ssh(1): Compatibility fix for some servers that erroneously drop the
connection when the IUTF8 (RFC8160) option is sent.

* scp(1): Disable RemoteCommand and RequestTTY in the ssh session
started by scp (sftp was already doing this.)

* ssh-keygen(1): Refuse to create a certificate with an unusable
number of principals.

* ssh-keygen(1): Fatally exit if ssh-keygen is unable to write all the
public key during key generation. Previously it would silently
ignore errors writing the comment and terminating newline.

* ssh(1): Do not modify hostname arguments that are addresses by
automatically forcing them to lower-case. Instead canonicalise them
to resolve ambiguities (e.g. ::0001 => ::1) before they are matched
against known_hosts. bz#2763

* ssh(1): Don't accept junk after "yes" or "no" responses to hostkey
prompts. bz#2803

* sftp(1): Have sftp print a warning about shell cleanliness when
decoding the first packet fails, which is usually caused by shells
polluting stdout of non-interactive startups. bz#2800

* ssh(1)/sshd(8): Switch timers in packet code from using wall-clock
time to monotonic time, allowing the packet layer to better function
over a clock step and avoiding possible integer overflows during

* Numerous manual page fixes and improvements.


* sshd(8): Correctly detect MIPS ABI in use at configure time. Fixes
sandbox violations on some environments.

* sshd(8): Remove UNICOS support. The hardware and software are literal
museum pieces and support in sshd is too intrusive to justify

* All: Build and link with "retpoline" flags when available to mitigate
the "branch target injection" style (variant 2) of the Spectre
branch-prediction vulnerability.

* All: Add auto-generated dependency information to Makefile.

* Numerous fixed to the RPM spec files.


- SHA1 (openssh-7.7.tar.gz) = 24812e05fa233014c847c7775748316e7f8a836c
- SHA256 (openssh-7.7.tar.gz) = T4ua1L/vgAYqwB0muRahvnm5ZUr3PLY9nPljaG8egvo=

- SHA1 (openssh-7.7p1.tar.gz) = 446fe9ed171f289f0d62197dffdbfdaaf21c49f2
- SHA256 (openssh-7.7p1.tar.gz) = 1zvn5oTpnvzQJL4Vowv/y+QbASsvezyQhK7WIXdea48=

Please note that the SHA256 signatures are base64 encoded and not
hexadecimal (which is the default for most checksum tools). The PGP
key used to sign the releases is available as RELEASE_KEY.asc from
the mirror sites.

Reporting Bugs:

- Please read
Security bugs should be reported directly to

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