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Announce: openssh-2.0.0beta1
For the last couple of months, the OpenBSD team has been working hard
to implement the SSH2 protocol in OpenSSH. The SSH2 protcol offers a
number of advantages over the SSH1 protocol including standards
compliance (SSH2 is on the IETF standards track), improved security and
operation without RSA (which is patented in some countries).

This release of the portable version incorporates this work and adds
inbuilt entropy collection for Unices which lack a kernel random
number pool.

Since there is a lot of new and changed code, we are keen to gather
feedback from users of the new features. In particular:

- SSH2. Please read README.openssh2 and add "Protocol 2,1" to
your sshd_config and ssh_config.

- Entropy collection. There is little documentation on this so far.
If your system lacks both a kernel random pool and EGD, a file
ssh_prng_cmds will be created. This file contains the commands
which will be used to seed the random number generator. We are
interested in additional commands and refinements to the current
set. Please send in the output of "ssh -v", which includes the
amounts of entropy gathered.

The beta release is available from

Note that this release _requires_ OpenSSL 0.9.5 or greater.

Damien Miller

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