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ANNOUNCE: openssh-1.2.3
The Unix/Linux port of OpenSSH 1.2.3 was released yesterday and should
be available from a mirror near you. A mirror list is available from:

This release fixes the bugs reported since 1.2.2p1 and contains many
cleanups from the OpenBSD tree.

In particular, the OpenSSL detection problems have been resolved.

The layout has changed a little bit. The packages/ subdirectory has
been replaced with a contrib/ subdirectory which contains platform
specific code and other patches. Submissions are welcome.

Damien Miller

- Clarified --with-default-path option.
- Added -blibpath handling for AIX to work around stupid runtime linking.
Problem elucidated by gshapiro@SENDMAIL.ORG by way of Jim Knoble
- Checks for 64 bit int types. Problem report from Mats Fredholm
- OpenBSD CVS updates:
- [atomicio.c auth-krb4.c bufaux.c channels.c compress.c fingerprint.c]
[packet.h radix.c rsa.c scp.c ssh-agent.c ssh-keygen.c sshconnect.c]
pedantic: signed vs. unsigned, void*-arithm, etc
- [ssh.1 sshd.8]
Various cleanups and standardizations.
- Runtime error fix for HPUX from Otmar Stahl

- Fixed configure not passing LDFLAGS to Solaris. Report from David G.
Hesprich <>
- Propogate LD through to Makefile
- Doc cleanups
- Added blurb about "scp: command not found" errors to UPGRADING

- Fix broken CFLAGS handling during search for OpenSSL. Fixes va_list
problems with gcc/Solaris.
- Don't free argument to putenv() after use (in setenv() replacement).
Report from Seigo Tanimura <>
- Created contrib/ subdirectory. Included helpers from Phil Hands'
Debian package, README file and chroot patch from Ricardo Cerqueira
- Moved gnome-ssh-askpass.c to contrib directory and removed config
- Slight cleanup to doc files
- Configure fix from Bratislav ILICH <>

- Include macro for IN6_IS_ADDR_V4MAPPED. Report from
- Include /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib for systems that don't
do it themselves
- -R/usr/local/lib for Solaris
- Fix RSAref detection
- Fix IN6_IS_ADDR_V4MAPPED macro

- Detect RSAref
- OpenBSD CVS change
- disallow guessing of root password
- More configure fixes
- IPv6 workarounds from Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <>

- OpenBSD CVS updates to v1.2.3
[ssh.h atomicio.c]
- int atomicio -> ssize_t (for alpha). ok deraadt@
- delay MD5 computation until client sends response, free() early, cleanup.
- void* -> unsigned char*, ok niels@
- remove unused variable 'len'. fix comments.
- remove unused variable
[log-client.c log-server.c]
- rename a cpp symbol, to avoid param.h collision
- missing xfree()
- getsockname() requires initialized tolen;
- use getpeername() in packet_connection_is_on_socket(), fixes sshd -i;
from Holger.Trapp@Informatik.TU-Chemnitz.DE
[pty.c pty.h]
- register cleanup for pty earlier. move code for pty-owner handling to
pty.c ok provos@, dugsong@
- turn off x11-fwd for the client, too.
- PKCS#1 padding
- allow '.' in usernames; from
- typo: ignore_user_known_hosts int->flag;
- sync with sshd_config
- enable ssh-keygen -l -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts, ok deraadt@
- Change invalid 'CHAT' loglevel to 'VERBOSE'
- suppress AAAA query host when '-4' is used; from
- turn off x11-fwd for the client, too.
- missing xfree()
- retry rresvport_af(), too. from
- read error vs. "Connection closed by remote host"
- ie. -> i.e.,
- do not link to a commercial page..
- sync with sshd_config
- no need for poll.h; from
- log with level log() not fatal() if peer behaves badly.
- don't panic if client behaves strange. ok deraadt@
- make no-port-forwarding for RSA keys deny both -L and -R style fwding
- delay close() of pty until the pty has been chowned back to root
- oops, fix comment, too.
- missing xfree()
- move XAUTHORITY to subdir. ok dugsong@. fixes debian bug #57907, too.
- register cleanup for pty earlier. move code for pty-owner handling to
pty.c ok provos@, dugsong@
- create x11 cookie file
- fix pr 1113, fclose() -> pclose(), todo: remote popen()
- version 1.2.3
- Cleaned up
- Removed warning workaround for Linux and devpts filesystems (no longer
required after OpenBSD updates)

- Configure fix from Hiroshi Takekawa <>

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