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NTop on FreeBSD jail with multiple IP-addresses

I have NTop running on a FreeBSD 9 jail with the NIC in promiscuous
mode. This NIC has been assigned all IP-addresses of the different jails
(all in different subnets). I've verified with tcpdump and the NIC can
see the traffic to all the jails. All these IP-addresses have been added
as /32 to the local and known subnets.

There are several issues:

* Summary only shows the IPv4 address, no IPv6 address on the NIC while
the last one is also configured (dual stack). When I run NTop on the
main system (not in a jail) it also only shows 1 IP address and no IPv6
address while the NIC has 4 IPv4 and 5 IPv6 addresses assigned to it.

* When I check the ports used for local subnets NTop shows IMAP running
on the main FreeBSD system's IP address while it is running in another
jail. And it shows the IP-address used for the main system but
translates it to the hostname of the jail that is running NTop. (both
/etc/hosts and reverse DNS are setup correctly).

* IP->Summary->Networks shows all traffic on the IP-address of the main
system and none for the IP-addresses of the jails. Is traffic only
counted per NIC and not per IP-address it detects?

Thanks in advance,

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