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Recently installed ntop via rpmforge and yum for Centos 5 (32-bit).

When trying to access with https, I see a lot of these in the logs:

Feb 21 16:16:19 ns2 ntop[29550]: warning: can't get client address: Bad file descriptor
Feb 21 16:21:02 ns2 ntop[29550]: SSL(read)ERROR [Thread 29550]: error:140780E5:SSL routines:SSL23_READ:ssl handshake failure at s23_lib.c(142)

I've been searching, reading, but haven't found the answer.

I suspect it has to do with the server certificate.
Since I don't have the source, how would I go about creating a self-signed certificate and install it?

Can I just use another cert (ca.pem) created for another purpose?


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