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compiling ntop
Got the CVS from today (08. may) and compiling on a
FreeBSD 4.3.

2 things I am curious about:

Step 7. Looking for optional GPLed libraries....

checking for GDchart (optional package)... found in
checking for OpenSSL Library by Open SLL Project (optional package)...
found in /usr/lib/
checking for register_mib in -lucdagent... (cached) no

Step 8. Creating various ntop develpment tools....

configure: warning: compilation of ntop's plugins disabled via command
line option!

Step 9. Semi-Automatic files generation....

I guess that register_mib is something for the SNMP module,
what do I need to make ntop find it?

Why does it say that compiling the plugins is disabled via
the command line? Couldn't find anything about this in the
docs/ dir.

Any help would be appreciated.

with regards
Olav Langeland -