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nProbe 6.9.1 cimpilation date hash and misc [patch]
Hi :) Please remove this code from nProbe. It causes two sequential
builds from the same source to have different hash values. Which
leads to suspicion about system corruption. And breaks downstream
package, update and security management tools that also utilize
such checks. While at the same time providing zero information about
the actual code revision that was compiled. It is very annoying and
needless. Thank you :)

# Also... please apply this before the patch
for i in \
fastbit/fastbit.c \
fastbit/fbquery.h \
nDPI/src/include/ipq_api.h \
nDPI/src/lib/linux_compat.h \
; do
tr -d '\015' < $i > 1
mv -f 1 $i