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This ought to be interesting...
Installed NTop from svn on Feb 2:

"Welcome to ntop v.4.1.2 (64 bit)
[.Configured on Feb 2 2012 13:28:28, built on Feb 2 2012 13:30:33]"
Worked fine for a bit, then noticed I was getting blank screens when moving through web interface....
Timing out for 5 minutes and then I would be allowed back in...

Found this in log files:
Feb 6 18:33:15 ring ntop[21554]: **ERROR** Rejected request from address (it previously sent ntop a bad request)

Hmm - it's on a private IP, and the only one working on it is me, and yes, that's my internal IP.
But I didn't send it a bad request - I just changed from 'Show all' to 'Local Only' on one of the drop downs....

Then, I noticed this:
Feb 6 18:23:28 ring ntop[21554]: **ERROR** URL security: '/statsicons/flags/us.gif%1B%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E120.0%C2%A0bit/s%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0.0%C2%A0bit/s%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E984.0%C2%A0bit/s%3C/TD%3E%3C/TR%3E%3CTR%20onMouseOver=' rejected (code=4)(client=

Ok - this is the bad request then...but wait... "us.gif%1B%3CTD..." - %1B ? That's the 'escape' command.... Now why's it doing that ??

Another one a few minutes later:

Feb 6 18:31:39 ring ntop[21554]: **ERROR** URL security: '/statsicons&%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E140.4%C2%A0MBytes%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0.7%C2%A0%%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E140.4%C2%A0MBytes%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0%3C/TD%3E%3CTD%20%20ALIGN=RIGHT%3E0%3C/TD%3E%3C' rejected (code=1)(client=
Well, no Escape command this time, but there's something definitely wrong here...

It's doing this to me quite often, using IE8, IE9, Safari, even the latest Firefox....

Bug or just me holding my teeth wrong again ??

Thanks! Hope it helps!!