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pf_ring vs DNA performance
Hi all,

Just wondering. We would like to know what would give better
performance for a nprobe only environment.

* pf_ring based solution, using "special" Intel drivers provided by
Luca and card configured not to forward traffic but only to provide
packets to nprobe Pro. OR

* nprobe Pro using DNA to manage the packets itself.

If my understanding is correct, nProbe Pro with pf_ring would execute
some of its computations within pf_ring itself, that is, within the

Any idea?

Jaime Nebrera -
Consultor TI - ENEO Tecnologia SL
Pol. PISA - C/ Manufactura 6, P1, 3B
Mairena del Aljarafe - 41927 - Sevilla
Telf.- 955 60 11 60 / 619 04 55 18

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