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Problem with 2.0
I am having a problem with ntop 2.0 on a RedHat Linux 7.0 system. It is a
compaq dual PIII-933 with 512MB RAM and 30+ GB of free DASD. The segment it
is running on is very busy 100 full duplex link. The box is running snort
and mysql, receiving alerts from other snort sensors. Very under used,
average load is less the 1%.

After ntop runs for a time (maybe 2 hours) it stops responding to HTTP
requests. Top shows the process is still running using ~10% CPU (high
point) and about 38MB of memory.

Am I hitting a wall so to speak with something or is there something I can
"tweak" to make this work?

Thanks in advance and please cc me in response as I am not on the list