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Re: [EXT] Intermittent internet issues in NYC area? (Verizon/Cogent)
We were seeing massive latency (100ms) on the DqE fiber rings in the Pittsburgh area but has since subsided.


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Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 1:39 PM
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Subject: [EXT] [outages] Intermittent internet issues in NYC area? (Verizon/Cogent)

Anyone else seeing intermittent problems like random destinations not loading/partially loading today? Seems mostly related to anything http/ssl relate, haven't had complaints for any other services. No signs of issue at our edge/dmz. Time of issue seems to correlate to<,1,sR16s_HRpnrAlez9De58LUxWqTd2n79bRZevzbTq6pMNG_UjZHSO_OLzyXQrDpIViXhuK8jn1cr0Zl7UlGGay6lHHMwIeuChKK2pk09WCMXf47RJ9R4,&typo=1> , maybe some CDN or DDOS issue somewhere...