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srx branch - dhcp on vlan interface with multiple ipv4 addresses
Hi all,

I had an issue with an srx100 device.

I configured dhcp server for a range (internal lan).

My internal interfaces are part of an ethernet-switching config.

The vlan.192 interface has as IP.

When I add an IP to my vlan interface on a different subnet (let's say,
the dhcp doesn't work anymore for the first range. (even if the is marked as primary and prefererd);

log shows the following :
Jul 5 06:58:28 -- looking for pool with subnet, prefix
length 32
Jul 5 06:58:28 unable to find pool for address `' on
interface `vlan.192'

This was tested on 10.4, 11.4 and 12.1.

Does anyone know if this is by design or if I am missing something in my
configuration ?


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