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iBGP multipath behavior
Hi All,

We are trying to implement iBGP multipath.
R1 receives route from R2 with NH= is an iBGP route learned through 2 iBGP peers (all attributes are equal).
For we can see two next-hops at both the RIB and FIB.
For only 1 next hop is installed at both RIB and FIB.

We have the routing-options forwarding-table policy in place.
We have multipath configured under bgp.

If is learnt by any protocol other than bgp (we tried static and ospf) then we see 2 NH installed for

Are we missing some BGP specific route selection rule ?
Is there any known limitation for learning a recursive NH through iBGP ?

Platform is MX80 Junos 10.4R8.5



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