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ICMP duplication on VRRP between Cisco and Juniper

I'm in the process of testing a migration of our core network from a
pair of Cisco 6509 to a pair of MX960. Between the MX and 6509 is a
pair of aggregation switch (Arista running in MLAG to be specific) in
a "bow-tie" configuration. I converted all the 6509s svi interfaces
facing the servers into VRRP and then join the MXes into that VRRP VID
and essentially have four physical address and 1 virtual-address as a
layer3 router for around 60 VLANs. This is working fine but recently I
discovered that when added a new VRRP interface on both the MX and
6509, it would cause _all_ other VLANs to generate occasional ICMP
duplicates but it's repeatable. Disabling this VRRP interface on the
Juniper side "resolve" this issue. Moving this new VRRP into a new VID
also "resolve" the issue. I've already opened a case with Juniper but
it's not going anywhere yet and just want to see if anyone else seeing
similar issues?

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