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BGP graceful restart with "allow subnet/mask" neighbours

I'm testing the use of JunOS 10.4, running on a pair of M7i, as
replacement for our existing (Cisco IOS) route reflectors.

They work fine, but I was observing outages when I performed a graceful
restart on an RR-client. The new BGP session had valid GR capabilities
and R-bit set in the flags, but the routes were deleted immediately, and
WITHDRAWs sent to all other RR clients.

When I change the neighbour to have a specific:

neighbor a.b.c.d;

...statement, it all works.

I am guessing that "allow" neighbours are dynamically created and do not
stick around / are "forgotten" in a graceful restart?

This is not a disaster (I can specify the neighbours individually) but
it seems like a bug, or at very least behaviour that should be
documented. Is this expected / documented anywhere?

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