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SSH PKA for system archival.
On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 09:59:35PM -0600, Bill Marquette wrote:
> >
> > You can of course send syslog messages to syslog-ng and have syslog-ng
> > call mail or a mail wrapper. I would prefer to have simple syslog
> > messages (ie. log of some event or state) and then have additional
> > functionality in parsing at a central location.
> Sure and we do, but I was trying to build a process that allowed my
> SRX to push a diff of a given commit back to our ticketing system
> (which already processes emails) rather than send an event offbox
> that requires me to then somehow retrieve that change.
> Yes, I'm aware I can transfer the files, but there are a couple
> issues with that, the first being transfer-on-commit doesn't appear
> to support alternate SSH ports, nor does it appear to support RSA
> private keys, which puts this into an event script at best, the

'system archival' uses bundled ssh, which, of course, supports
RSA/DSA private keys. Only thing you have to do to get this support
is to 'start shell user root' and then simply run 'ssh-keygen' :)
Keys stored in ~root/.ssh/, and then following configuration works:

archival {
configuration {
archive-sites {

Well, there is an issue with these keys on EX-series - during system
upgrade these keys got wiped and have either regenerated or restored
from backup (if there is any known workaround - would like to hear).
Not sure about SRX, though.

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