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JunOS J/SRX in packet-mode vs flow-mode (was Re: software version to use?)
Hi Ross,

It's uniform across J and SRX series from what I can tell (same code
base jinstall-jsr-9.6R1.13).

- Chris.

On 2009-09-16, at 10:41 AM, Ross Vandegrift wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 08:07:13AM -0600, Chris Kawchuk wrote:
>> 9.6 Offers the possibility of doing mixed "flow-mode" and "packet-
>> mode"
>> based on protocol, filter, or interfaces; meaning you can take
>> advantage
>> of the "Security" based flow/services/ALGs etc. on a J, while also
>> enabling regular packet-mode throughput for the majority of your
>> traffic
>> (thus not running into any scaling limitations in terms of the
>> session/flow table).
> Wow - I've been wanting something like for a while now. Do you happen
> to have a handy link to JUNOS documentation on this topic? Is support
> uniform or is this only on the J-series? That could be a pretty
> compelling reason for me to consider 9.6 for some upcoming items.
> Ross
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