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SLX 9640

seems somebody woke up early today and released some SLX 9640 sheets:


Product page

So there are 24x10 GbE ports enabled and up from 4 to 12 dual 100/40 GbE
ports with the possibility for a 4x25G breakout. Comparing to the 9540
model it scales up to 4M IpV4 and 800k IPv6 routes directly in the FIB
and also there is a small boost of the forwarding capacity. You will
still need the additional advance license for MPLS, OptiScale, … .

And besides it has a cool purple front, I can't make out any other
relevant difference between the 9540 and 9640 model right now. So
basically the size of the FIB and the 100 GbE port density underline
this model.

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