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MLXe - mix of linecards X2 and M in same chassis
I try to add two 8x10G -M linecards to existing MLXe-4 chassis (NI 6.0.0g),
but I've got error:

Error: Line Module in slot 2 is a non-NetIron XMR module which can't
operate in a NetIron XMR system.

How I can resolve this problem? Currently in my chassis I just have one -X2
linecard and BR-MLX-MR2-X Management Module. Limited FIB by -M linecard is
not problem as I'm not doing full DFZ on this box - just around 10K+ BGP
and OSPF routes.

Re: MLXe - mix of linecards X2 and M in same chassis [ In reply to ]
On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 6:09 AM Takahiro Masuda <> wrote:

> it's not compatible.

According to below it's possible:

"- Users who have a mix of M and X2 cards in the system, need to turn on
Netroute only on X2 cards. Thus the CLI is for a given slot."

Also some time ago I heard that M linecard can be used together with X/X2
modules without breaking DFZ if M interfaces will be in separate VRF.