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bigiron MG8 with 2g of ram not allowing more than 409600 routes instead of 2048000
thanks in advance for any assistance on this matter

we have an MG8 with 2G of ram running ver 2.3

the MG8 datasheet specifies 2 million ipv4 routes and the manual
referencing ver 1.0 shows a max ip route and ip cache settings of 1024000

i am assuming this may be 2 million combined between the two settings but
am not sure

here is the weird part. in ver 2.3 the system max cli does not allow an
entry of over 409600 routes for both the system-max ip-route and system-max
ip-cache even though in the manual this setting shows a limit of 1024000
for each on ver 1.0

i do not know if any other hardware is required to support 2 million
routes. i found a BIMG8-BSF which from what i can tell is a slightly
different variant of the BIMG8-SFM. not sure if this might be a requirement
for 2 million routes or not.

lastly if anyone knows how to obtain the latest code for this box i would
appreciate it. brocade will not sell support for the MG8. maybe it needs
newer code.