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Re: IPv6 on F-CX (and configuring multiple VLANs)
On Tue, 4 Oct 2011, I wrote:

> A few months ago there was mention that IPv6 routing would be supported
> on the FCX "with the next major software release":
> Is there any more information available on this, any public announcements
> or roadmap indications, that anyone is aware of, or could our Brocade
> lurkers at liberty to divulge any progress in this area?

Thanks to an off-list hint from a Brocade contact after a list member
helpfully forwarded my message, I was told to look out for something real
soon now, and sure enough on the knowledgebase now v7.3.00 for
FCX/FSX/etc/etc is released and contains lots of IPv6 features; as usual
check the release notes for the details.

Also worth mentioning, in relation to the other recent thread about
configuring lots of VLANs at once, is the newish "Multi-range VLAN"
feature "allows you to use a single command to create and configure
multiple VLANs.", which appeared in v7.02.02. The example is:

vlan 16 17 20 to 24
ta e 1/1/1


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