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Real world metrics
If anyone is interested, here are some real-world statistics of what a serveriron can do. These levels of traffic resulted in 100% cpu utilization. The total amount of traffic making it through this machine was about 80-90% of actual demand. They are quite a bit different than what the brochure claims...

Model: 8-port ServerIronXL, 400Mhz processor, 32MB System DRAM
Expansion: 1 GIGA Fiber uplink interfaces
Board Type: ServerIron Switch Board Type 1, Octal System
Firmware: 07.3.05aT12

Rx: 140M
Tx: 130M

Rx: 126k
Tx: 102k

10k http requests/sec
2 Virtual servers
146 Real servers - DSR, not sticky - nothing fancy
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