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Power Down and Up after restart
Hi all,
I got the problem about power DC Force10 (FTOS

-- Power Supplies --
Unit Bay Status Type
0 0 absent
0 1 up DC

-- Unit Environment Status --
Unit Status Temp Voltage
* 0 online 50C ok

* Management Unit

In the log I only found:

Oct 14 23:23:38.79 UTC: %STKUNIT0-M:CP %IFMGR-5-OSTATE_UP: Changed interface state to up: Gi 0/42
Nov 24 14:32:15.265 UTC: %S50N:0 %CHMGR-0-PS_DOWN: Power supply 0 in unit 0 is down
Nov 26 11:58:40.701 UTC: %STKUNIT0-M:CP %IFMGR-5-OSTATE_DN: Changed interface state to down: Gi 0/32

The power just down, but no reason for this. The problem solved after I restart the switch (re-booting).We want to know the root case!
If someone has this problem before, please share to me here.


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