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IP Multicast in ExtremeWare

I'm trying to configure PIM-SM on an Extreme 1i switch running v7.2b25 &
I'm a little confused on how to restrict the RP to a couple of
candidates. Here's my config:

create access-profile "MCAST-DOMAIN" type ipaddress
configure access-profile "MCAST-DOMAIN" add 5 permit ipaddress

enable pim
configure pim cbsr vlan "VLAN400" 0
configure pim add vlan "VLAN400" sparse
configure pim crp "VLAN400" "MCAST-DOMAIN" 0
configure pim add vlan "VLAN300" sparse
configure pim crp static "MCAST-DOMAIN" 0

I have configured MCAST-DOMAIN to the entire multicast address range to
that I may come back later & restrict it to some subnet. I want to be the RP, but, another router, appears
instead. I know that PIM picks the largest ip address, but I'm trying
to override it by configuring the static entry. I'm probably missing
something simple, but I don't see it. What's worse is Extreme's
documentation - little description, few examples.

Thanks in advance,


John Center
Villanova University