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administrivia [was: Where are they now?]
My apologies.

I have been extremely busy this summer (yay, working at a university)
and have been neglecting the list. Alas, my friends at MathWorks have
also been under increasing amounts of stress, as well.

Carl and I have opted to re-open the list. This will mean that spam
will arrive from time to time. Oh well.

Why don't we change the list software to combat the spam? Unlike the
old days at MathWorks, they can no longer just go fix things and do
them The Right Way... I might be tempted to move the list off
MathWorks servers in the future, but that'll have to wait until after
summer has passed. :-(

I am very sorry for not being able to pay more attention to the list.
I *do* have all posts that were submitted for approval and will try to
get those out this week.