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dedup and svm dr with xdp
I hope I can explain this clearly.

We use svm dr for all our backups using XDP (identity preserve).
We have many volumes with dedup enabled (not inline).
We have many volumes with dedup not enabled.
SVMs have volumes with dedup and no dedup.

What is supposed to happen on the destination SVM's?

It appears that it is running dedup as well even though
I cannot figure out what schedule it is using.
Some volumes appear to have the same schedule as the
source (auto@10). Other volumes appear to have no schedule at all.

You cannot disable dedup on a destination volume
while the destination svm is a target. You can after
you break the snapmirror relationship.

But when you resync, it turns it back on I think.

My understanding is that XDP preserves deduplication across
the mirror, so no dedup should be required or do anything useful
on the target but how to stop it?

Any ideas on how this is supposed to work or what I am doing wrong?


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