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RE: SnapVault and Exchange logs
Can you not just enable circular logging in exchange?

From: SE <>
Sent: 16 April 2019 13:42
To: Toasters <>
Subject: SnapVault and Exchange logs


Is anyone on this list vaulting backups of Exchange? If so, have you found a way to *NOT* SnapVault the logs from Exchange? Our Exchange admins don't want the logs archived as they do restores via SMBR and have dozens of replicas, so they aren't concerned that they'll ever have to replay log files to do a restore from months ago. They do, however, want a year's worth of mailboxes.

I know there's a way to force SME not to vault logs, but doing so makes validation of mail DB's mandatory. Our DB's are TB's large and the validations of all the DB's we vault would probably take a week each time. Meanwhile, the exchange log vaults are chewing through aggr space at alarming rates.

Does anyone know of a way to vault the Exchange DB's w/o vaulting the logs and forcing validation of the DB's?

- Scott

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