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administrivia: GDPR
This list was originally run by majordomo, and then by mailman. No-one
got on this list without asking to be there. You all get emailed every
month telling you how to get off it, and on the odd occasions people can't
work it out from there I remove them on request. I am not fannying about
requiring everyone to re-opt in.

The exception to this is people who are subscribed via exploders. I don't
approve of exploders, since they give me a headache, but I don't actively
hunt them down and remove them. They, and their GDPR implications if any,
are the problem of those who run the exploders, not me.

Me, my wife (who is co-sysadmin on the hosting box), and Kendall Libby
(being co-list-admin) have access to the subscriber list. We won't be
telling anyone who's on it.

If anyone needs further clarification, email me.

While I'm sending this out, I should mention that I have enabled automated
message-wrapping from people whose ISPs have, in their infinite wisdom,
decided to enable DMARC reject or quarantine policies. People from those
domains who post will now get their message "wrapped" in a digest from the
list itself. When replying to the senders of list messages, have care to
check the sender's email address in case it turns out to be the whole
list. I'd hoped DMARC would go away, but no such luck, so this seems
least dreadful.

** If for some reason any of this turns out to be contentious, please
start with me before discussing it on-list. **


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