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From: Scott Miller <>
Date: Tue, May 22, 2018, 06:49
Subject: Re: Spare Disks
To: Sebastian P. Goetze <>

What size and form factor are you looking for? We’re doing s round of
retirement and may have some.

Also: try the guys at ZeroWait
They deal in used and off-lease kit,
And have a huge inventory.

-skottie (via my thumbs)

On May 21, 2018, at 9:40 PM, Sebastian P. Goetze <> wrote:

Hi Phil, hi Alex,

Our Admin bought some pallets of old DS14 shelfs some time ago off of eBay
for our labs. Like 80%+ of the disks we were able to use, but for some we
had to go to maintenance mode and delete labels and stuff to do that... It
was about 100€ for a shelf, if I remember correctly, so we didn't mind the
20% that were dead/unusable...

A zeroed, unassigned disk should automatically be reformatted with the
correct WAFL version, by the way. Up or down. So no worries there with
disks from newer ONTAP versions...


On Tue, May 22, 2018, 06:10 Alexander Griesser <>

> Hi Philbert,
> not sure where you're located but since you didn't mention it, I guess
> you're based in the US.
> I do not have any recommendations for third-party suppliers in the US, but
> I've used some within Europe already for outdated filers of our customers
> already and never had real issues with those refurbished or used hard
> drives.
> JFTR, here are some suggestions for suppliers based in Germany:
> You might experience bad labels on the disks as well as firmware issues
> which might need to be sorted out then; sometimes the disks are not zeroed
> so when plugging them in, you will see some left over aggregates from the
> previous filer they did belong to or the owner ids are still set; you can
> work around every single issue that might come up here, as long as your
> Ontap version is not too old on the outdated filers.
> Best,
> Alexander Griesser
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> Im Auftrag von Philbert Rupkins
> Gesendet: Dienstag, 22. Mai 2018 05:58
> An: Toasters <>
> Betreff: Spare Disks
> Toasters,
> Inherited a few production 7-mode systems that are off maintenance,
> due to be retired and pretty low on spare disks. Migrations to new
> ONTAP 9 systems (A300's, yay!) are in progress but I'd like to purchase
> several spare disks for the 7-mode systems as a safety
> measure. Unfortunately, these disks are so old that NetApp no longer
> sells them.
> Is it generally safe to purchase refurbished (or new) NetApp disks
> from a 3rd party? Can anybody recommend a vendor?
> I already grabbed quotes from our NetApp account team for lager capacity
> disks that I'm told won't be a problem for existing RAID
> groups made up of smaller disks. Primary concern is keeping the data
> safe/available so, if purchasing 3rd party is a bad idea, we'll definitely
> to through NetApp.
> 3rd party options always come up in discussions and we've never gotten
> outside feedback so just curious if anybody has had good or bad experiences
> going 3rd party.
> Thank you.
> Phil
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