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Ontap 8.2.5 FAS8020 SP firmware 3.0.4
Has anybody upgraded to Ontap 7mode 8.2.5 on FAS8020? I do have a case in,
but as you can imagine it is moving slowly. I dont yet feel the need to
start screaming.

The Ontap update is autoupdating the SP to 3.0.4, and causing some issues:

sp.device.fw.mismatch:warning]: Device firmware version mismatch detected:

Couple of oddities with this:

There isn't a 3.0.4 SP firmware available via netapp website nor is it
documented in the SP matrix

I've gone into debug mode and issued
SP netapp01*> sp switch-update

Which seems to have worked, but the new error then becomes:
sp.device.fw.mismatch:warning]: Device firmware version mismatch detected:

So I presume I should run:
SP netapp01*> system fan update
Warning: system sensors monitor and system sensors thermal-mgmt should be
disabled both on this controller and partner controller (if installed).
Continue? [y/n]

At which point I thought it best to figure out exactly what is going on

I think the following message might be related.
monitor.temp.unreadable:info]: The controller temperature (CPU0 Temp
Margin) is not readable.