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WFA vs OnCommand API Services vs NMSDK vs ..
My coworkers would like to integrate volume-related tasks (creation, sizing, mounting, offlining, destroying) into their Salt-based automation/devops stack. They want to use a well documented REST interface if at all possible. I was asked to do some research into the best way for them to go about doing this and I think I'm more confused now vs when I started. NetApp has a handful of ways to skin this cat. I found:

- NMSDK is really raw, and support for Python seems pretty weak compared to PowerShell or Perl. We'd basically have to roll our own "thing". Too much time and effort reinventing the wheel.

- Some stuff on Github that kinda sorta might work, but was last updated years ago.

- Workflow Automation, but that seems overkill and pricy for what the (current) requirements are.

- ONTAP API Services which seems closest to what they want, but then gets tangled up in OCUM/OCPM? I guess this actually isn't a huge deal, as we do have OCUM 6.4P1 and OCPM 2.1.0P1 integrated together and looking at all of our clusters.

What are other people doing for automation of various storage related tasks?

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