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Perform a shelf/aggregate move from 8.2 7mode to ONTAP9 using CFT but not 7MT
Hello toasters,

Has anyone ever performed a copy free transition manually?

I don't wish to use 7MT since it seems to want to do complete migration
of everything (all aggregates,volumes, and general configuration) to an
empty cluster. The 7mode aggregate and the volumes/snapshots contained
need to be moved to the new cluster as archive. The volumes in the
aggregate are qtree snapmirror destination volumes.

My understanding is that after breaking the mirrors and removing
ownership of the disks of the aggregate on the 7mode filer I can in
principle re-cable the shelf to the Ontap 9 filer and import the foreign
aggregate using the diag level commands found under "storage transition
...". The man pages for these commands are rather thin.

Has anyone ever done CFT without using the 7MT tool and can provide more
information as to the steps involved.



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Engineering & Computer Science Concordia University
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