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prototyping opportunity - NetApp with Service-Now

As you may know, our own NetApp IT uses Service-Now extensively to maintain its large number of FAS / ONTAP systems ( see the following marketing message at ). One of the NetApp engineering teams is now working on a prototype integration with Service-Now which will automate the creation of support action tickets (such as replacing a failed power supply) - the goal being to automate more work by syncing up NetApp ASUP cases with the customers Service-Now system. No commitment to having a production product - we are exploring market demand.

Please respond directly to my email if you are interested in helping us by participating in
(1) providing feedback to the concepts, 30-60 minutes webex
(2) have Service-Now and want to experiment with ticket automation (scope TBD )

Happy new year,

Joseph "Yossi" Weihs
Sr. Manager, Product Management
Data Fabric and Manageability Group

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