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Support Bulletin 7010246

Does anybody have more information on support bulletin 7010246? I
just received an email urging us to upgrade to ONTAP 8.1.4 P9 as
earlier versions of 8.1.4 are "more susceptible to potential system
disruptions and/or data loss due to drive failures exceeding the two
drive failure protection offered by RAID-DP."

We've been planning to upgrade to P9 so this isn't that big of a deal.
However, I'm just curious if this is a new development or has this
always been a problem with pre-P9 releases of 8.1.4?

The support bulletin is light on background information. If this
hasn't always been an issue, the only logical conclusion I can come to
is NetApp is shipping new replacement drives that don't play well with
pre-P9 releases of 8.1.4.

Thank you all very much.
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