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ServiceNow Discovery of ONTAP Devices

Has anybody used ServiceNow to discover NetApp arrays running Data ONTAP
8.1 7-Mode? My understanding is the Data ONTAP SMI-S Provider is

We setup the Linux based Data ONTAP SMI-S Provider v5.1.2, added the array
as a managed host and added an SMI-S agent credential for ServiceNow.

ServiceNow successfully authenticates to the SMI-S agent and completes the
entire CIM probe but spits out a warning on one of the CIM queries. Some
information is correctly classified and displayed in ServiceNow but,
overall, the array information provided by the CIM probe seems to be

Manually executing "smis class root/ontap niall" on the SMI-S agent machine
seems to return just about every attribute of the managed NetApp array.
This tells me that the SMI-S agent to array communication is running just

My guess is the problem is with the CIM query ServiceNow is running against
the SMI-S agent. Unfortunately, my visibility into ServiceNow is
restricted so I can't confirm.

Anybody using ServiceNow to discover arrays running Data ONTAP? Are you
seeing what you believe to be complete information? Did you have to do a
lot of tweaking to the default CIM probe?